Everyday Home Care is licensed in several different Government funded waivers that help pay for care: OLTL, Aging, ODP, Veteran Waivers and more to come. We can also assist you to the resources needed to apply for these waivers. Feel free to call our office for more information.

Waiver Information
Waivers offer an array of services and benefits such as choice of qualified providers, due process, and health and safety assurances.
The name waiver comes from the fact that the federal government “waives” Medical Assistance/Medicaid rules for institutional care in order for Pennsylvania to use the same funds to provide supports and services for people closer to home in their own communities.
In Pennsylvania, the Department of Human Services administers multiple Medical Assistance/Medicaid waivers. Each waiver has its own unique set of eligibility requirements and services

Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

  • Consolidated Waiver
  • Person or Family Directed Support Waiver

Pennsylvania Office of Long Term Living (OLTL)

  • Aging Waiver
  • Attendant Care Waiver
  • COMMCARE Waiver
  • Independence Waiver
  • OBRA Waiver

Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services (BAS)

  • Adult Autism Waiver

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